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P.I. Los Alcázares, C/Isaac Peral, 16, Naves A/D Y 10-B Apdo 19, 30710 Los Alcázares (Murcia) – Spain +34 968 57 42 89 SKYPE: alfagenerators.export

Alfa Generators

We are the manufacturers of generator sets and energy solutions that best fit your customers.

The variety and diversity of our products is the key to our success, since in addition to offering a wide range of generator sets and generators, we have an infinite number of complementary products, components and spare parts.
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P.I. Los Alcázares, C/Isaac Peral, 16, Naves A/D Y 10-B , 30710 . Los Alcázares, Murcia, España.
+34 968 57 42 89
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