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In Alfa Generators we have always given priority to quality because we are convinced that it is the only way that makes the fidelity of the market possible. We have chosen to work with the most efficient and durable materials, using top brand components. We offer proportional added value to our customers by providing fully modular bodies, that allow an easy access to all the components of the equipment, as well as the ability to customize the machines on demand. After launching our identity on the international market, supported by our distribution network, Alfa Generators has continued to grow and we have got to establish our presence in many countries thanks to the reliability and diversification of our offerings.
Our corporate policy leads us to a continuous modernization of our products, incorporating productive processes and environmental friendly technologies. Alfa Generators’ human capital is made up of highly qualified staff with solid trajectory in the sector, based on its versatility and flexibility to create innovation and competence. The conformity and satisfaction of our customers guarantee our products and services. Alfa Generators, The green world.
Alfa Generators is a company located in the Region of Murcia, wich is dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of efficent, safe and environmentally friendly energy production systems, covering any need for energy demand from 5 kVA to 2250 kVA.

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Latest technologies

Alfa Generators’ philosophy is based on constant research and development of its products. Being at the forefront of the market depends, to a large extent, on the use of the latest technologies, on the use of the new technologies. Design software, structural calculations and modern means of production allow the manufacture of our products, complying with current regulations. Alfa Generators analyses and develops the existing products to create new lines that meet the highest demands of the market. Our engineering department, with more than 30 years of experience, is able to design products that meet the specific needs, applications and ambience conditions in all specific cases.

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In Alfa Generators we give priority to the most important, the people .
Thanks to our technical team specialized in the production and sale of generators and motor pumps, we can offer a product with the best features of the market. Our main objective is customer satisfaction. That is why we manufacture a totally customized product, both aesthetically and functionally; from the most basic equipment for domestic use to the specialized rental ranges. All accompanied by an important after-sales service; to provide our customers with support throughout the life of our equipment.

Range of products

We have a compromise with the satisfaction and trust of our clients, Alfa generators provides the best quality and garanties in all our product and we offer a big variety of options, offering generators, power modules, engines for fire-fighting equipment, accessories and also we offer customized solutions in our compromise to cover your needs.

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The commitment of Alfa Generators with the quality, is based on clear objectives, controls and the analysis of permanent data.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality and latest technologies to our customers, establishing processes that allow a constant evolution of our products.
Analysis and quality control of alpha generators. Where the European quality certificate, the ISO 9001 ACCM and the ISO 9001: 2000 SGS are contemplated
Our vision to achieve quality products, Alfa Generators has established as a priority the following aspects: – A commitment on the part of Alfa Generators clear and irrevocable, of permanent evolution. – A control over the commercial and productive processes from the first contact with the client. – A direct and personalized attention focused on the satisfaction with Alfa Generators and their products.

Social responsability

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All our production systems are fully and thoroughly studied to promote the efficiency and conservation of natural resources. We have a commitment to the environment.

A policy increasingly committed to identifying the environmental problems and contributing to universal awareness, working steadily in integrating our business activities into the environment cycle is one of our pillars. Our commitment is to reduce to the maximum the environmental impact that can be derived from our production processes or from the use of our machines, complying strictly with the current norms. Therefore, we are in continuous development of environmental friendly technologies and processes.

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Alfa Generators

We are the manufacturers of generator sets and energy solutions that best fit your customers.

The variety and diversity of our products is the key to our success, since in addition to offering a wide range of generator sets and generators, we have an infinite number of complementary products, components and spare parts.
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