ALFA GENERATORS’s ENERGY has no borders.

We are committed to illuminating the world with our energy.

Our technical-commercial team, very committed to innovation and constant development, focuses its energies on satisfying our clients. We create a premium product worldwide.


In our privileged geographical situation we have various ways to export our generator sets quickly and efficiently to the entire world.

For example, one of the last generating sets that we have manufactured in Alfa Generators has left our facilities for Mali on a ship from the port of Cartagena. When arriving at the African continent, through a fleet of carriers our groups arrive at their destination as soon as possible.

alfa generators no tiene fronteras

Alfa’s genset in Cartagena’s Port.

Why are we the right choice to buy generator sets abroad?

At Alfa generators we work on projects together with our clients. First, we study the cases carefully and offer our customers the best option for their needs. Second, we adjust the prices to the market so that our groups arrive where others have not arrived.

Our team is convinced that their work helps people obtain electricity to keep growing and grow with them.

Our sales people and collaborators spread all over the world are in charge of transmitting our offers to our clients. We, from our offices in Los Alcázares, Murcia, process the orders and our engineers are in charge of manufacturing.

We trust in the quality of our products and coordinate our talent with an international distribution network.
Day after day, year after year, Alfa generators works to serve the needs of our customers around the world.

We continue to expand our distribution network and take electric power where they need it.


Alfa Generators