Alfa Generators includes state-of-the-art BAUDOUIN engines in its Industrial range (50 Hz and 60 Hz)

Emergency generator sets Alfa Generators increases the power range of its generator sets in the Industrial range.


As usual, Alfa Generators manufactures its equipment with state-of-the-art components, and in this case, it has incorporated two BAUDOUIN motors in its generator models: 12M33D1108E200 and 12M33D1400 / 5E2, which give Alfa Generators generators great advantages.


These models of generators, AGWB-1250T and AGWB-1400T, with latest generation engines stand out for their high power density. With engines of 31.8 and 39.2 liters the typical performance of engines of the order of 45/50 liters is achieved. To achieve this, both teams have the latest technological advances in the field of diesel engines for power generation. High pressure electronic pump injectors, optimized electronic control system, special steel pistons, double tube or double cooling circuit are just some examples. Thanks to this, the dimensions of the groups are considerably reduced, which facilitates their transport and installation.

Reduced dimensions compared to other models that produce the same power

GENERATORS with very low fuel consumption

The advances described also have an impact on the efficiency of the groups. Their low fuel consumption makes them the most efficient groups in the market in their power range. We are talking about consumptions of the order of 190gr / kWh, exceptional in this range.

GENERATORS more respectful with the environment

As for gaseous emissions, the new models comply with both the Stage II level of European regulations and the Tier 2 level of the American version, while in other manufacturers this represents a costly option for this power range.

All of the above contributes to making these new models much more respectful from the environmental point of view, since they consume less resources in their manufacture and save on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, whether we are talking about the transportation of the groups or your daily operation

Equip the generators Alfa Generators, with the best components of the market has always been a maximum for the group ALFA – CISUR. And this contributes significantly to the fact that the equipment is characterized by its robustness, reliability and commitment to the environment.