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Felices fiestas

We wish you some energetic parties for Christmas and New Year. On behalf of the Alfa Generators team, we wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. Generating sets at Christmas parties At the end of the year, as with cars, it is the best time to buy a generator, as it is when all companies restructure their catalog and rate. So the generator’s is a growing market that increases the demand by a significant percentage each month.…

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What are the Kva?

The kva are a unit of power that is equivalent to a thousand amps. When we have the power in kva, we are giving the sum between the “useful” power (kW) reactive power, which indicates the consumption or total power input. How many Kva i need? First of all we have to know the consump units and the equivalent to Kva The consump units: This units indicates us the electricities need of every electrodomestic, most of them has a consump…

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