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Alfa Generators Documents to Download [PDF]

What are these documents?


Document that explain what is Alfa Generators, how Works the human capital, as well as some of the departments of the company.

Last update (september 2017)

Generators catalogue

Although we are working every day to improve, in our online catalog we have not yet had time to update the great variety of generators we offer.
In this document neither are all generators. But that is a much more extensive catalog, with many more products.
In addition, we continue to think that it is always convenient to have a physical format of the catalog of our products.

Last update (september 2017)

Catalog of professional equipment

Although the products of professional machinery to the web, such as motor pumps and motosoldadoras are not yet uploaded. We have been manufacturing this type of machinery since the beginning of the company.

Since we are a company that is not only dedicated to the manufacture of generators of very different powers, we need to inform our potential customers that we offer all kinds of complementary energy alternatives.

Last update (september 2017)

LEDs catalogue

Due to the success we are having with web lighting products, due to its quality and its advantage over other types of light sources, we have decided to separate these articles from the rest.
The LEDs will also soon be inserted in the online catalog and will be available for downloading PDF like other documents.

Last update (september 2017)

Alfa Generators tools

We are manufacturers with a recognized brand and very well valued, this has not been by chance, but because we always look for the best and most satisfactory for our customers.
It is for this reason that we are developing tools that significantly facilitate the purchase of any of our products and the deep knowledge of what is purchased.
Therefore, these tools will be available soon.

Last update (september 2017)

Price rate of our products and other documents

For our company policy, to access our rates, you must contact us.
Finally .
we will establish a direct contact with you.

Alfa Generators

We are the manufacturers of generator sets and energy solutions that best fit your customers.

The variety and diversity of our products is the key to our success, since in addition to offering a wide range of generator sets and generators, we have an infinite number of complementary products, components and spare parts.
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P.I. Los Alcázares, C/Isaac Peral, 16, Naves A/D Y 10-B , 30710 . Los Alcázares, Murcia, España.
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