Deutz is one of the largest engine factories in the world, well known for its four-stroke engines.

These engines stand out for their effective operation with a long service life.

Deutz engines

Deutz offers powers from 4kW to 520 kW, they are very demanded engines due to their quality. Due to its great specialization, it has a wide range of products with versions cooled by water, oil and air.

Its products are world leaders in terms of noise and emissions reduction, respecting the most stringent quality requirements.


More than 150 years of hard work have made this company one of the most reliable in the market.

Founded by Nikolaus Otto (inventor of the four-stroke engine) and Eugen Langen in 1864; their engines became very popular in both vehicles and agricultural machinery.

With a presence in more than 130 countries, it has proven to be a company committed to quality and innovation. Its orientation towards the client means that Deutz always tries to offer the latest technology and maximize the productivity of its engines, fulfilling its needs and expectations.

In Spain we count on the factory DEUTZ SPAIN S.A. which, like its subsidiary in Germany, supplies engines and components to large automotive brands.

grupo electrogeno Deutz de 500 kW, abierto y con motor emisionado

Genset with Deutz engine

In Alfa Generators we offer Deutz equipment with powers between 13 kVA to 500 kVA, equivalent to the range of 10 kW to 400 kW; with different configurations and with the possibility of adding a wide assortment of optionals to guarantee maximum utility.

In addition, the brand shares many of our values, such as responsibility with the environment and commitment to the client.

Deutz gensets in Spain

Its commercial division in Spain offers engines and spare parts, as well as an engineering support service applied to its engines from 12 kW to 520 kW. It also has a service center in Madrid and Barcelona for engine repair and direct sales, and a large distribution network to serve the customer quickly and effectively in Spain and Portugal.

The Deutz engines have a great acceptance in Spain for its quality and performance; that is why Alfa Generators employs this brand, ensuring our customers a good product with the best features.

grupo electrogeno Deutz 13 a 16 kva abierto, con motor emisionado, fabricado por Alfa Generators

Generator with Deutz engine 13 kVA to 16 kVA

Deutz gensets in Alfa Generators

If you want to consult our gensets here you will find our catalog.

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Deutz motor pump

The Deutz motor pumps are well known for their durability. Multiple services are used, such as;

-Water supply (water motor pump).
-Industrial processing operations.
-Agricultural irrigation.
-Water treatment.
-Water pumping to refrigeration towers.
-Pressure groups for sanitary water.
-Firefighting groups for water pumping.

They can pump any type of liquid and they have the European quality certificate and ISO 9001.

Deutz diesel motor pumps in Alfa Generators

In Alfa Generators we have a wide range of motor pumps with different types of configuration to adapt to our customers. We also offer all types of motor pumps in a full version; Or if our customers need it we can also supply only the adaptive motor as a spare part.

To consult our motor pumps catalogue, click here.

Technical sheets available for our Deutz engine generator sets

0-50 kVA / 0-40 kW 50-150 kVA / 40-120 kW +150 kVA / +120 kW
FL2011 BF4M2011 BF6M1013FCG2
F2M2011 BF4M2011C BF6M1013FCG3
F3L2011 F2L2011 TDC2013L06
F4L2011 BF4M2012C BF6M1015CG1
BF4L2011 BF4M1013EC BF6M1015CG2
F3L912 BF4M1013FC BF6M1015CG3
F4L912 BF6M1013EC BF8M1015CG1
F3M2011 BF8M1015CPG2
F4M2011 BF8M1015CPG3

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