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Range Portable
Kva 13
Hertz 50
Conection Monophasic
Module Open
Version Automatic
Engine brand Alfa
Cooling system Air

Analisis y control de calidad de alfa generators. Donde se contemplan el certificado europeo de calidad, el ISO 9001 ACCM y el ISO 9001:2000 SGS


The 13 kVa GENERATOR AGAA-13T AUTOMATIC it is a popular equipment because of its compact design, low consumption, easy maintenance

This generators are planning activities in which it is necessary to move them, this generator have an easy start up to facilitate their use in:Mobile homes

  • Public works
  • Constructions
  • Markets
  • Houses

13 kVa generator AGAA-13T automatic characteristics

First of all, this is an open generator characterized by having their engine and alternator exposed. This allows having an immediate and easy access to the engine for maintenance and repairing operations. For this reason this 13 kVa generator is ideal to install in a place where the noise is not a problem for the people or animals. We recommend to watch the “Environmental noise rules“.

Another feature to note is thatit has an automatic control panel, protection and distribution, mounted on the genset with central control.

You can choose between:

An automatic (AFM), which is controlled by our control panel

An automatic starter box per external signal (MRS ) allowing remote start.

Besides that it includes a four-pole magnetothermal switch.

The 13 kVa GENERATOR AGAA-13T automatic is refrigerated by a ventilator that allows the entry of fresh air to the engine, the advantages of this system are:

  • requires low maintenance
  • can be used in dusty places without any problem

The 50 Hertz generators are designed to work in most countries of Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa.

If you are not sure of the frequency (hertz) you need, consult our guide.

Monophasic generator

It has a single alternating voltage supplied by two conductors, which represents the most basic circuit for supplying electricity. It provides a current like that of the electricity grid.

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