We are pleased to present our new Gama Rental generator sets:

The generators of rental range of Alfa generators include for this year 2018 some improvements. We improve both usability and the price of our generators.

The temporary supply of energy is a necessity of many companies. Rental generators must be prepared to meet the demands of climate, location and performance.

The new rental range of generator sets is designed to be tough, versatile and transportable.

The alpha generators designs gensets to withstand harsh climates of both high and low temperatures. In addition, we are aware that many of these groups are destined to the construction sector and that is why we do it resistant to impacts with the metallic structure.

To facilitate the work with the generator, we take care of the design to leave easy access to all its components.
Our rental range generators are easy to use, even so, they are accompanied by guides and manuals.

The rental range is easy to transport. In addition to the lifting and towing hooks, we can offer them with mobile kits for the comfort of the landlord and the client.Our rental range groups have large capacity fuel tanks for extended hours of work.

At Alfa generators we offer our customers the possibility of requesting customized generator sets. According to the needs of each individual.

The rental range is a model of an industrial generator that is usually used for many different uses. Since the group will go through several hands throughout the year, it is important to maintain it. That is why, from Alfa generators, we provide our customers with a maintenance and repair service for the generator sets they buy from us.

For us the first thing is the satisfaction of our customers, that is why our groups are so well valued among our buyers.