At Alfa Generators, we have again reduced the dB (A) of our super-silent range after the incorporation of new materials in our ultra silent groups.

In Alfa Generators we have scratched a few decibels to our generator sets in super-silent versions. This is what the sound level meter has marked on the test benches.


With the new combination of super-sound-absorbing materials and a strategic arrangement of the exhaust ducts in the engines of their groups, in Alfa Generators we have managed to reduce the sound level of our generators again, placing us at the top of ecofriendly product manufacturers.


The group itself works exactly like a normal one, with the difference that it allows you to be close to it without it bothering the sound caused by its operation, thus becoming a suitable product for more uses than initially thought. Ideal for residential installations where we can not allow annoying noises, hotels and hospitals where, obviously, it is necessary to comply with more stringent noise and environmental regulations.


It is not surprising that a Murcian company, as is the case of Alfa Generators, is at the forefront of these investigations, as its strong market and tougher competition cause that companies in the sector are always innovating to give their customers the best benefits. The Region of Murcia, considered by many the cradle of generators worldwide, continues to take giant steps at the forefront of a growing market that, each year, is increasing more demand.


The strong price rises of large electric companies and increasingly efficient generators make the possibility of installing a generator where it was previously not considered much more serious.