The Chinese brand – Weichai Power – is the most important diesel engine manufacturer in China. With presence in more than 100 countries and a high commitment to innovation, has become one of the most important companies in the world.


Created in 2002 as part of the Weichai group (Created in 1946). It has several factories for its different models, its commitment to technology has made it one of the most advanced companies in the sector having more than 1437 patents since its inception.

Weichai Engines

Weichai engines are used in all types of vehicles and machinery. Its engines have stood out in recent years for their quality and good workmanship. It became the first Chinese company to sponsor Formula 1 supplying the engines of the Ferrari team.

Generador de 30 kva motor Weichai abierto trifásico y refrigerado por agua. Puede ser un Grupo electrógeno 30 KVA AGWW-30TS automático o Grupo electrógeno 30 KVA AGWW-30TS manual

Generator sets with Weichai engine

With more than 500 models of engines for electric generators, the gen sets equipped with Weichai motors are highly requested for their low consumption and high performance, being a very competent choice.

All Weichai engines are built with the best technology and components. Weichai engines are ISO 9001: 2008 certified; which demonstrates its commitment to quality under European standards.

Weichai Generators in Alfa Generators

It is not easy to find generators manufacturers that sell generators with this brand of engine in Spain.

Its great quality, its affordable price and the exclusivity that we have as manufacturers, being official WEICHAI distributors, allows us to sell a type of product that our competitors cannot offer.

With this brand, we offer generators with a power range between 15 kVA and 170 kVA; or in other words from 10 kW to 140 kW, all of them are water-cooled, both open and sound-proof, always emphasizing their performance-cost quality.

If you want to consult our generator sets that use this brand engine, here you will find our online catalogue where you can filter the group either by kVA or kW or by the characteristic of open or soundproof.

In addition, here you can find physical documentation where you can check our catalogues; not only for generators, but also for motor pumps that use WEICHAI engines.

Alfa Generators

We are the manufacturers of generator sets and energy solutions that best fit your customers.

The variety and diversity of our products is the key to our success, since in addition to offering a wide range of generator sets and generators, we have an infinite number of complementary products, components and spare parts.
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