The kva are a unit of power that is equivalent to a thousand amps.

When we have the power in kva, we are giving the sum between the “useful” power (kW) reactive power, which indicates the consumption or total power input.

How many Kva i need?

First of all we have to know the consump units and the equivalent to Kva

The consump units: This units indicates us the electricities need of every electrodomestic, most of them has a consump table

Watios (w) y los kilovatios (kw)

Watt (w) and kilowatt (kw)

Exanple: 200W= 0,2 Kw

To convert  Kw to Kva, divide it by Cosine Fi (Φ) which is 0.8:

0,2/0,8= 0,25 kva

Knowing these equivalences we can know that the average power required according to the average consumption calculated by

For medium family in France we will need at least 8 Kva

We recommend to have a Margin of 20% so for this example it is necessary to acquire a team of 9,6 kva

How to know  my consump?

To calculate the exact consumption of a house is necessary to know the consumption of the electrodomestic


In our house we have

-Refrigerator 500w

-Microware 600w

-Television 300w

-Oven 1000w

The total is 2400 W or 2.4 Kwa

What equals 3 kva, under our recommendations for ideal would be to buy at leat a 3.6 kva generator